Leighswood School

Wonder Investigate Learn Discover



At Leighswood we believe that every child  is a reader , author , performer and orator  

We take great pride in creating an atmosphere that promotes a love of  literature and learning . Our children are readers, writers, journalists, performers and poets and are truly engulfed in a culture that is  inspired through  the world of  words.  

“Reading is breathing in - writing is breathing out.” 

Our relationship with reading and writing flows naturally and our children here at Leighswood are inspired to create through their exposure to a rich and varied tapestry of books, plays and storytelling. We believe that through experiencing  quality language and literature , we create the next generation of inspirational and innovative authors, performers and orators . :  


Our children will become  

  • Resourceful and engaged in the literary world around  them
  • Resilient when things go wrong
  • Reciprocal and can communicate and develop their ideas by listening and explaining.
  • Reflective and use their knowledge and skills to make links with other areas. 

    Wonder        Investigate      Learn      Discover 
  • Developing a sense of joy and wonder through the world of literature  
  • Wild reading days - where can you read?  upside down? in a den? on a boat?
  • Learning from , researching , discussing and debating  things we read and hear about . 
  • Visiting autors, poets and orators 
  • Taking time to work things out and not being afraid of making mistakes. All authors do!
  • Reading is the window to knowledge especially in Forest school - discover why the wind blows, how the seasons change
  • Discovering the world through a love of literature and language. Moving our learning forward ourselves in our never ending journey of discovery