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Tool use is a big part of what we do at Forest School. We have weekly tool talks to introduce a range of tools from a potato peeler for whittling sticks to a bow saw for cutting larger branches


  • We introduce the use of tools in an age-appropriate and calm environment.
  • We demonstrate how to use them safely.
  • We talk about what could happen if we didn’t use them in a correct manner.
  • We observe closely and guide them as they learn to use them themselves.
  • We gently correct if we see a potential danger and assist where required
  • We take a step back and let them figure it out in a safe space.


The key to all of this is respect. We want to show that we expect the children to use them safely, we want to teach that you respect the tools and that your respect those around you whilst you are using them. And if we see someone demonstrating a lack of respect or having a lapse in concentration whilst using them, we suggest donning the tools for now and revisiting them at a later date. Each tool has a tool talk related to it. Children will use the tool talk to tell us about the tool, where the sharp parts are and how we hold it properly and what personal protective equipment we may need to use.